MetLife Renters Insurance Overview Full Guide 2023

MetLife Renters Insurance Overview Full Guide 2023

In April 2021, Farmers Insurance bought MetLife’s renters insurance along with their condo insurance and home insurance. At the moment, renters can buy policies, but Farmers is in charge of managing these policies.

At the time I wrote this overview, you could still get a quote from MetLife online or by calling, but in the future, you won’t be able to do either. This page is only here to give you information.

MetLife offers renters insurance all over the country, and all of its policies include protection against identity theft and flexible payment options. Its standard coverage includes actual cash value for your belongings, personal liability, medical payments for others, and loss of use (if your rental unit is uninhabitable, for instance).

Add-ons include replacement coverage, higher limits on personal property, personal injury coverage, and more. MetLife has what it calls “specialty packages” to protect high-end items. The exact coverages depend on where you live.

Buying a policy is easy because you can get a quote and pay for your premium online or by calling the customer service hotline. Now that Farmers is in charge of policies, the way claims are filed may change. For now, policyholders can use the MetLife app to look at their policies and pay their premiums.

What Does MetLife’s Renters Insurance Coverage Include?

MetLife’s standard renters insurance covers the following:

Personal property includes things like clothes, electronics, furniture, and valuables (up to a certain limit).

Medical bills for guests who get hurt on your property are covered up to the policy limit.

Liability if the policyholder, a pet, or a family member hurts someone on their rental property (includes legal expenses)

Identity theft and credit protection up to a certain amount if identity theft causes you to have fraudulent credit card transactions or other bad things happen.

Up to a certain amount of damage to your things caused by mold and fungus.

If an accident on your rental property causes damage to someone else’s property, you will have to pay for the repairs.

What other types of renters insurance does MetLife offer?

MetLife’s Value Plus, Enhanced Plus, and GrandProtect packages offer extra coverage options for all of the above riders and more. Each package comes with different coverage limits, certain luxury items, all-risk covers, and protection for the things that are covered. Most of the time, the deductibles are also lower than with standard coverage.

MetLife’s FAQs about Renters Insurance

Does renter’s insurance from MetLife cover damage caused by water?
Most of the time, MetLife’s renters insurance doesn’t cover water damage. You can buy extra coverage to protect your personal items in case they are damaged by a backed-up drain or a broken sump pump.

Does theft get covered by MetLife renters insurance?
MetLife renters insurance covers theft. Depending on your policy, your belongings will be covered up to the policy limit. If you rent and have high-value or special items, like electronics or musical instruments, you might want to pay for extra coverage.

Does flood damage get covered by MetLife renters insurance?
Flooding is not covered by MetLife renters insurance. If you are worried about flooding or live in an area that is likely to flood, talk to your insurance company about getting flood insurance.

Do broken windows get paid for by MetLife renters insurance?
Most renters insurance won’t cover broken windows, since windows are part of the building and should be taken care of by the landlord. Renters insurance protects your things in case they are stolen or damaged.

Does fire get covered by MetLife renters insurance?
Policyholders can get money from their renters insurance if a fire damages their things or costs the fire department money.

Does bedbug coverage come with MetLife renters insurance?
Most insurance companies, like MetLife, do not cover bedbugs. Pest control is a standard part of home maintenance, so it’s up to the landlord or homeowner to take care of these kinds of bugs.

Does mold get covered by MetLife renters insurance?
Yes, MetLife’s renters insurance does cover mold and fungus cleanup in certain situations. For example, you’ll be covered if mold caused damage to your things.

Does MetLife renters insurance pay for damage caused by smoke?
A renters insurance policy from MetLife doesn’t cover property from smoke damage, as that’s covered by your landlord’s homeowners insurance. In some cases, the things inside a rented house or apartment might.

Does MetLife renters insurance pay for the costs of moving?
No, MetLife renters insurance doesn’t cover the cost of moving. Some policies will pay for emergency living costs, like if the power goes out and you can’t stay on the property.

Do roommates get covered by MetLife renters insurance?
You can add on coverage for roommates under a MetLife renters insurance policy. If not, they will have to buy their own policies. But spouses and other family members who live with you and qualify for coverage are usually covered automatically.

How do I cancel MetLife renters insurance?
Contact MetLife or Farmer Insurance’s customer service to cancel a MetLife renters insurance policy. You will need to give your policy number and the date you want your policy to end.

What can you do with a MetLife app for your phone?
MetLife customers can use a mobile app to look at their policies and pay their bills (options include credit card, debit card, or check).