How Much Does a Bridge Cost with Dental Insurance?

Bridge Cost with Dental Insurance?

Having terrible teeth or missing teeth can negatively impact your social life, self-esteem, and overall happiness. It’s more difficult to put yourself out there when you’re missing teeth.

It may also be disastrous in social situations when you want to create a good impression, such as job interviews, first dates, and business meetings. Therefore, a dental bridge can literally preserve your teeth. How much is a dental bridge typically though?

Having a dental bridge placed is a significant dental procedure, thus it is important to have dental insurance that covers the cost of a dental bridge. Nevertheless, standard dental bridges may be pricey, even with dental coverage.

If you have dental insurance, a dental bridge might cost you about $1,500 per tooth. Of course, the style of bridge you’re receiving and your dental insurance will determine the exact cost. Typically, insurance plans have a maximum benefit value, and that’s all they’ll pay no matter how many teeth you have fixed. If you’ve had dental insurance for more than a year, you may be eligible for partial coverage for bridges from another provider.

Which Dental Bridges Are Available?

Constantly Used Dental Bridge Dentists use bridges to replace teeth that have been removed. The bridge consists of a pontic, or fake tooth, and abutments, or attachments, to the two healthy teeth on either side. Because of how the pontic and abutments work together, the “bridge” is able to span the space between the two teeth.

Metal, porcelain, and even gold are all suitable materials for building bridges. You may confidently eat whatever you choose with the bridge in place; it won’t fall out. This will allow you to grin freely once more and boost your confidence in social situations.