Does Vision Insurance Cover Lasik Surgery?

Does Vision Insurance Cover Lasik Surgery

Have you thought of getting Lasik eye surgery? Is the prospect of paying out of pocket for the operation stopping you? The treatment’s no longer a mystery whether or not Lasik will be covered by your vision insurance if you require it for a rare condition.

When deciding whether or not to get Lasik done, and whether or not your vision insurance will cover it, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions.

In what range do Lasik eye surgery prices fall?

The average price of Lasik eye surgery is $4,400, or $2,200 for each eye. A more accurate breakdown of costs is provided below. Depending on the specifics of your desired Lasik treatment, a number of distinct choices will be available to you.

Under what circumstances might Lasik be considered a medical necessity? If you have been injured or had surgery on your eyes, most insurance companies will cover Lasik for you. You may also be a candidate for Lasik if you have poor vision without corrective lenses.

If Lasik is out of my price range, are there any other options?

Plan benefits extend beyond the cost of regular checkups and glasses or contacts. Lasik surgery may be reimbursed by health insurance if it is determined to be medically essential. Find out more about your options by seeing an eye care professional.

Planning ahead for a Lasik by learning about what vision insurance does and does not cover will help you determine whether or not you are eligible and how to obtain the necessary treatments. No vision coverage, and no idea how to get it? To speak with a Healthedly Agent and receive a free quotation, call 855-522-2201.